Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Winds Of Change!

Crystal Wand has gone through some big changes in the last couple years, and we plan on letting everyone in on all of our excitement. Things are gearing up in our glass studio and we are looking forward to having the new area open soon to start our new session of classes coming up. We will keep every one posted on our progress as the space gets nearer to completion.

The jewelry shop will be expanding its designs soon with the purchase of a kiln and has had many requests for classes. Since the space in that area is also limited we are working on a remedy to that situation and hope to provide classes with very limited seating, in the near future.

Don't forget we want to hear your comments, suggestions or ideas anytime you want to tell us. Just let us know how we're doing. So like we say in the shop, until next time we'll keep
"kick'n ass with glass!"

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