Thursday, April 23, 2009

Do You Use ReUsed In Your Jewelry Making?

I didn't start doing jewelry until after I got out of the Navy in 1999. I started out with my first love, stained glass. Once I had my stained glass studio up and running then I experimented with some jewelry ideas, and that's when the jewelry just fell into place. It was a natural progression.

I loved finding anything unique to work with, stone, wire, bottles, and nuts and bolts...just anything! You name it; my motto is "I can do something with that!” I am always storing things around the house just waiting for the right project to use them on. My husband is always threatening to throw them out, but never does. It's fun to go through the hardware drawer and just look for items that I think I might be able to use. The items that I have collected have come in very handy in my designs.

I also collect and recycle electrical wire, copper pipes, drapery cords, belts, and various metals. All electrical wire can have the rubber coating removed leaving you with workable wire. Sometimes you get lucky and the look and color of the metal is enhanced by the rust or discoloration on the surface. Copper pipes can be used in both jewelry and stained glass for various purposes, as can be numerous other recycled metals that otherwise would be thrown away. Cording can be reused as necklace or bracelet cording or braided into macrame'.

Once I realized the beauty and versatility of using recycled items along with my precious stones and stained glass I never turned back. It was like a new world of creativity had opened up for me. I have always believed that if you can recycle something, then do. Mother Nature is the first and our best recycler, so we should all heed a lesson from the teacher herself! Reuse every chance you get, because you may not get that chance again.

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