Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Art Of Stained Glass 101 - Applying Patina

Your final step now is to apply a good polish to your completed piece. There are many quality polishes for stained glass on the market . I have used Kem-O-Pro Finishing Compound for years and have never been unhappy with it. There are many car wax products that would do a nice job as well; however, with some of these products you may end up with a bigger mess and more work on your hands than is necessary. If you decide to try this route I would suggest trying it in a small area first. If it works well there then gradually increase the size of the area as you go.

Here is a video on how to polish your piece using whiting compound. It’s a method rarely heard about, but one you might like to try.

Well pat yourself on the back, you’re finished! If you chose to frame yours in wood, then a frame shop will be able to assist you with that, unless your handy enough to do it on your own. In that case, you can find many stained glass places on the web that will have the supplies you need.  If you choose to hang yours up, then just apply a nice looking chain (never use suction cups!) and hang it from a cup hook screwed into you window frame, or a nail tacked into the top portion of your outer window frame. The latter will keep any holes to your window framing out of site.

Now just sit back and enjoy your creation! Don’t forget to let us hear from you and know how your projects turned out. Heck, send a picture of your project to crywnd@yahoo.com , and we may just feature it in our blog!

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