Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Special Places

Do you love to create stained glass beauties as much as I do? If you have a burning desire to get out in your shop and solder beautiful glass and bevels into a stunning design then you know what I'm talking about.

With the weather finally turning nice enough that you can open your doors up and enjoy some fresh air, there's nothing better than spending the day creating beautiful little treasures to hang in your window or give to a friend.

Let's face it every creation requires a little money and stained glass is not a cheap hobby. Life really isn't free, you pay for it with dollars, time, patience or what have you. But anytime you can get a deal on something, it makes it just that much better.

So I say if you have a special place in the real world or on the internet that you love to go to because they have such great deals, then promote them! Here's just one way you can do it. Share your "Special Places" here! Post your comment and tell us why this is such a great place for you. Maybe you'll help someone else find what they've been looking for. Who knows!

Let me be the first to start. I have many special places I love to shop, but for stained glass one of my special places is Delphi Glass. They have everything I'm looking for. And right now they even have a giant sale on their bevels, which I love! I've even posted a link to their site/bevel sale right here Beveled Glass Sale if you want to check them out.

Ok, that's one of my special places, What's yours?

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